Tenesys has become AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

Tenesys has become AWS Advanced Consulting Partner
Amazon has just granted Tenesys the status of Advanced Consulting Partner. This puts us in the elite group of companies that enjoy the greatest trust of a major public cloud operator. Our customers can be sure that they will make the most of their cloud solutions.

Migration to the cloud or the broadly defined digital transformation of an enterprise often turn into complex projects. They require knowledge and practices supported by experience. Successful migration requires an unconventional approach and open-minded thinking about IT.

AWS Partner Certification confirms that the competencies we have and the way in which we work on such projects are consistent with AWS best practices. For our clients, it is an opportunity to get benefits in a shorter time. Moreover, such an undertaking is associated with minimal risk.

AWS Advanced Consulting Partner certificate cannot be purchased. It has to be obtained in a complex and demanding verification process. Tenesys has met the criteria Amazon sets for its partners:

  • our staff is appropriately trained and certified with regard to cloud competencies,
  • we have carried out an appropriate number of projects,
  • we have published case studies from our projects,
  • and most importantly, we got high satisfaction ratings from our customers, which we also documented.


The cloud can be really cheap

The cloud can be really cheap
Sebastian Zaprzalski, CEO of Tenesys, talks about reducing the cost of cloud fees.

What percentage of reduction in fees are we talking about?

When it comes to the first cost optimization, it is often possible to reduce fees by a dozen to several dozen percent. Savings are achieved not only through changes in the technical configuration of services, but also by adjusting payment models to specific infrastructure components. This can be done either as prepaid or long-term resource reservation.

What do customers usually overpay for?

We often come across no data retention or no backups. They increase costs gradually, but usually they are not used and generate costs. It is also common to forget about some activated services.

Why should Tenesys be engaged to take care of such actions?

Operators offer a lot of services, AWS alone has over 150 available services. There are many technical ways to use them, which ensures great flexibility in the design of cloud infrastructure and gives room for optimization. The Tenesys team is very effective in optimization because our everyday work consists not only in designing and maintaining cloud infrastructure for various clients, but also in analysing changes in operators' pricing policies on an ongoing basis. We either focus on one project or regularly check the cost hygiene to optimise resources used in the cloud.

And which option is better? To do it just once or periodically?

If a one-off cost optimization project is carried out at a technical and business level with an analysis of behaviour in the client’s system, it should give the best economic outcome. However, there are architectures in which costly application behaviour occurs from time to time in circumstances that are difficult to predict. In such cases, it is helpful to continuously monitor costs in order to pinpoint these circumstances and optimize costs at once, if possible. We will certainly inform you about it during the first audit. It is worth repeating the process because cloud operators are constantly improving and adding new services which increase efficiency or reduce costs without compromising performance.

How often should cloud costs be analysed?

I would recommend that you do this whenever you see a significant and unjustified increase in costs. If no such thing is happening, it is advisable to analyse costs at least once a year and not more than once every 3 months.

To what extent can costs be optimized if we already have an application in a specific architecture, and how much do we need to change it if we want to reduce the costs of cloud services?

Application architecture can have a significant impact on the costs of cloud services. While a highly experienced team of DevOps will be able to optimally design cloud infrastructure for any existing application architecture, the question remains whether application operating costs could be reduced by adapting the architecture to the specific characteristics of cloud services. We support many software houses and we know that there is a great potential for reducing costs and increasing the efficiency of applications. It is one of our unique specializations. In cooperation with software developers, we can implement changes that will reduce the future costs of cloud infrastructure as much as possible. We can do this when we build the application architecture, but also in the next stages of application development. It is important to remember that the developers’ competencies to design application architecture are not the same as our engineers’ competencies to design cloud infrastructure architecture. The optimal end result can only be achieved through mutual cooperation.

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