Beginning of cooperation


We ask about, talk through, and analyze current solutions. We design solutions using the latest technology whilst working together with the client.


We learn about the needs, ask questions
and listen to the answers

  • analysis of requirements
  • identification of problems
  • calculation of costs
  • verification of security


we find out how we can help
we look into the system and procedures

  • analysis of system structure
  • verification of compliance with standards
  • analysis of the details of architecture, security, and performance
  • verification of the application of good practices
  • estimation of costs

Conclusions and recommendations:

we present a plan of action,
we discuss suggestions and recommendations

  • presentation of suggested changes
  • description of expected benefits
  • demonstration of problems to be solved
  • planning of tasks to be performed
  • indication of the most important areas

Project implementation


We implement changes in architecture, backup policy, deployment process and migration to the cloud.

Planning :

We design processes and changes
and prepare a backup policy

  • analysis of the client's environment, talks with software developers, infrastructure design
  • proposal of a data backup and retention policy
  • planning of the deployment automation process
  • estimation of costs
  • planning of change implementation processes

Preparation :

We prepare the infrastructure,
processes, and tools

  • preparation and testing of code for infrastructure building
  • creation of an environment for testing and production purposes
  • implementation of the deployment process in cooperation with software developers
  • preparation of mechanisms for the implementation of the data backup and retention policy
  • integration of the deployment process with monitoring

Testing :

We test the migration process and
the developed environments and processes

  • test migration
  • optimization of migration time
  • testing of the migrated system
  • testing of the deployment process together with software developers
  • testing of data backup and retention, check-up of backup monitoring
  • minimization of implementation risks

Implementation :

We migrate environments,
implement changes, and run processes

  • connection of the monitoring system
  • migration of the production system
  • deployment in the production environment
  • analysis of system operation after the changes
  • post-implementation support
  • analysis of the production environment

System maintenance


We take responsibility for the solutions we implement as well as for the existing systems. We work according to the ITIL guidelines.

Collection of information :

We collect information from
clients and monitoring systems

  • system monitoring for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24/7)
  • collection of information from the monitoring system
  • analysis of client notifications from the service desk system

Task allocation :

We assign categories to tasks
and set priorities

  • categorization of information and notifications
  • separation of incidents, conclusions, and changes
  • prioritization of tasks
  • assignment of SLA

Management of notifications and incidents :

We quickly resolve incidents
and carry out tasks from clients

  • performance of tasks according to SLA guarantees
  • completion of tasks according to expectations confirmed with the client
  • efficient removal of threats and incidents
  • application of temporary solutions, if necessary

Notifications, recommendations, and changes :

We analyze notifications and events,
draw conclusions, and successively improve
the reliability of the systems we were entrusted with

  • definition of problems based on event and notification analysis
  • search for solutions to problems
  • preparation of suggested system changes
  • implementation of changes or assistance in the process

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