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Tinkering with tink

tink is the go-to expert for all smart home devices. It is also the first comparison and consulting platform for such technology. Founded in Berlin in 2016, tink is working with a team of professionals to inspire everyone to get their own connected home and has been successfully conquering new markets ever since. Of course, we had a hand in that.

The Challenge: 

tink was facing a performance issue with its Magento shop. One Black Friday, when the shop again failed to cope with increased traffic, tink asked for our help.

In addition to optimizing shop performance, tink made clear that they wanted to launch another shop in the United States. tink found us thanks to its collaboration with Panda Group, an official Magento partner.

The Execution: 

1. We started by meeting with Panda Group and tink. We established a roadmap, taking into account all the necessary steps, including a performance testing plan.

2. We created a new AWS cloud environment and customized all eCommerce resources (Magento). We chose Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) to store the object database using CloudFront and Relational Database Service (RDS) to store the static.

3. We used network drive sharing, i.e., Elastic File System (EFS), and introduced all the necessary scalability mechanisms for increased traffic.

4. We described the entire environment using code (Terraform).

5. We also utilized all virtual machine solutions offered by Magento as well as introduced Varnish solutions to ensure high availability and performance for the shop’s users

6. We ran hundreds of performance tests to squeeze as much as possible out of this environment. It paid off.

The Results: 

With an environment entirely based on cloud computing, tink can have unshakeable confidence in the continuous operation of its shop and peace of mind when planning the next Black Friday. We have been working together since 2017, and thanks to our collaboration, tink now running shops in:

● Germany,

● the USA,

● the Netherlands,

● Belgium,

● Sweden,

Thanks to cloud servers, tink has eliminated the limitation of finding a local provider in a new market, which enabled them to expand into other markets.


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