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We will guide you through the cloud migration process using a service-driven transformation model that will ensure a higher return on investment.

Reduce risk & improve efficiency with cloud migration.

We will guide you through the cloud migration process using a service-driven transformation model that will ensure a higher return on investment.

The process of migration to the cloud includes technical activities, but also building awareness of the benefits of the new technology. Without the latter, unconvinced employees will continue acting on old habits, which disrupt the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire system and ultimately generate high costs. We believe that the process of migrating IT infrastructure to the cloud should also be associated with its adaptation.

The Cloud Migration & Adaptation service supports the entire process from building awareness of the advantages of using a cloud environment, through transferring IT resources, to support in optimizing and adapting the application to the cloud environment.

What will you gain by working with us?
  • Support for the organization in the use of cloud technologies.
  • Security and reliability of your IT environment.
  • Scalability of system performance with your business development.
  • You will reduce the time of implementing changes and new functionalities in the IT system.
How will we work with you?
  • We will talk about the possibilities and benefits of cloud migration.
  • We will check your current system, its architecture, strong and weak points.
  • We will analyze the current expenses and present the costs after the changes.
  • We will develop a strategic cloud migration plan.
  • We will involve your developers in the migration process and show you numerous advantages of moving digital assets to cloud infrastructure.


We support our clients in:

In-depth audit before migration.

Automated backups and recovery.

Onboarding and training after migration.



Take advantage of the experience and knowledge of our cloud services specialists. They will help you build your IT system faster and at a lower cost, assembling it from ready-made services available in public clouds.

Cloud Monitoring 24/7/365

We ensure the availability and efficiency of IT systems by monitoring them 24 hours a day and providing Service Desk and services offered by professionals. We work based on good practices in accordance with ITIL Service Operation.

Cloud Infrastructure Management

We manage our clients' infrastructure in the computing cloud. Your system will keep pace with the dynamic development of cloud services and we will keep monitoring and improving it.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Data security and ensured continuity of IT services are crucial for any modern business. We will ensure regular backup of the systems and prepare solutions for data recovery in the case of an emergency (Disaster Recovery).

Cloud Strategy

Strategic advisory. We are looking for the best solutions for the client, we present the prospect of using a cloud environment, we estimate the costs, we show the benefits and risks. We present alternative solutions.

DevOps on Demand

Our experienced and certified specialists will support your developers. The DevOps Engineers will prepare the infrastructure in the cloud and CI/CD processes necessary for the smooth and quick implementation of new software.

Cloud Infrastructure Design

Designing a new environment or optimizing an existing environment. Thanks to a professionally designed infrastructure, you will enjoy higher efficiency, security, and lower costs of using cloud services.

Cloud Cost & Efficiency Optimization

If the costs of your cloud system are increasing alarmingly, we will analyze the use of resources and current configuration. We will propose changes allowing you to reduce the costs, so that you can quickly get back on track.

Cloud Security

We will conduct a security analysis and implement appropriate changes to maintain the security of your system at the highest level. The configuration is set in accordance with the best practices recommended by cloud providers.

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